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Below are the MagicBox products. Choose the product line that fits your application the best. If you need help on which unit is right for you, visit our Solutions page to help point you in the right direction.

Bullet  Aavelin Product Line

Aavelin Models

Complete, turnkey digital signage and video messaging system for Broadcast or Hi-Definition applications. This hardware and software package allows you to create unlimited pages on your Windows PC, and publish them to the player unit which is capable of exciting, dynamic transitions, multiple crawl regions, and more. Four models available to fit your exact needs.

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Bullet  WebSuite - Cloud-based Software Top ↑

The WebSuite is a cloud-based digital signage software platform which allows you to control your entire signage network from any web browser at any location.

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Bullet  Memo Top ↑

Raise your expectations of what you get for the money. Featuring ethernet support for remote publishing, top or bottom overlay region, on-screen logo, and support for True-Type fonts and all standard image formats, Memo offers a great combination of features and value.

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Bullet  RoomRoster Top ↑

Fully Automated Room Schedule Solutions

The RoomRoster is a great turnkey solution for displaying updated event time schedules and other information automatically pulled from a data source. The system can be mounted in or outside of the wall for a clean look.

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Bullet  EZ-Stream Software Top ↑

EZ-Stream is a report design and database integration application that allows you to display information coming from a dynamic data source on your Aavelin, VIP, or other MagicBox system without having to re-type or re-enter your information.
  • Conference schedules and meeting room times
  • Price updates
  • Tee Times
  • Manufacturing Statistics/Call Center Statistics
  • Restaurant Menu
  • University Campus Events

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Bullet  E-Blast Software Top ↑

Allows multiple users to remotely access the Aavelin to post critical time sensitive messages. Create content quickly using pre-made templates and "Blast" them to the Aavelin to be shown in a crawl region or full page.

  • Fire & Police Notices
  • School Closures & Announcements
  • Road Closures & Traffic Alerts
  • Civil Emergencies
  • Severe Weather Warnings
  • Homeland Security

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Bullet  Extras Top ↑

  • TxStream Data Service
    Add NOAA forecast weather and Reuters news to your Aavelin. NOAA Logo   Reuters Logo
  • Background Expansion Packs
    Add styled & themed background images to your Aavelin project.
  • AdLogger

    Collect impression data on your content. Great for advertisers!

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  • Adtec MPEG video players
    Great source option for automated video playback & control.
  • DVD IR Controller
    Inra-Red controller for automated trigger of DVD decks.
  • Weather Instruments
    Get you local weather data over a crawl region using this device.
  • MagicBox Flash Widgets
    Control RS232 DVD decks or Powers on & off monitors with serial support.

Bullet  Upcoming Products & Features Top ↑

Keep an eye for these great new additions for MagicBox products!

  • NEW Web-based Composer Software

    We have launched this product. It's called WebSuite. Check it out.

  • NEW Aavelin Layered Engine

    Create regions or zones in Aavelin Composer either from the included templates or from your own design. Each layer can be scheduled and controlled seperately from the other zones.

  • NEW Aavelin Composer - Project Scheduling

    Schedule seperate projects to play when ever you like. Have one project running in the morning and schedule a completely different project to run in the evening.

    Talk about Flexability and Control!

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