EZ-Stream Software

An Enterprise Database Integration Solution

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Bringing design, integration, and automation in one application

EZ-Stream is a report design and database integration software application that allows you to display information coming from a dynamic data source on your MagicBox system without having to re-type or re-enter your information. Using report templates, database queries, and ethernet networking, you can completely automate the process of displaying information full screen or in a crawl region.

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Design, integration, and automation all in one application. Use the software's design tools to create your custom look & branding and then set up your database connection. Lastly set the automated publish time for the interval you would like your MagicBox player unit updated. That's It! Sit back and relax.


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NEW FEATURE - Building Charts with EZ-Stream

EZ-Stream now has a great, built in chart wizard that will help you create bar charts, pie charts, or line graphs based on data stored in your database. As with all things in EZ-Stream, you have control over size of the chart, colors used, and the style. You can even split up your page and have regular event information on one side, and a chart on the other.

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Manufacturing Graph 1
Manufacturing Graph 2
Manufacturing Graph Example 1
Manufacturing Graph Example 2

Common Applications

  • Conference schedules and meeting room times
  • Building directories
  • Price updates
  • Tee Times
  • Manufacturing Statistics/Call Center Statistics
  • Restaurant Menu
  • University Campus Events

Supported Database Sources

  • SQL
  • XML
  • MS Exchange 2003/2007®
  • MS Access®
  • MS Excel®
  • CSV (Comma Separated Value)
  • Oracle
  • Event Management Systems (EMS)®
  • Delphi®
  • Resource Scheduler
  • R25®
  • Google Calendar
  • Meeting Room Manager
  • MeetingPlanner

Example Applications

Call Center
Golf Course
Call Center Thumb
University Thumb
Manufacturing Thumb
Restaurant Thumb
Golf Course Thumb
Corporate Lobby Thumb
Grocery store Thumb

Additional Information


  • Interfaces with Aavelin, Memo, VIP, & RoomRoster to PC databases for automated display updates
  • Powerful drawing tools, and customizable layout & scheduling
  • Reads database updates automatically
  • Content Management of multiple units
  • Template design allows for any length of data that will generate multiple pages.



Images Supported: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF
Database Sources: : SQL, XML, MS Access®, MS Excel®, CSV, MS Outlook/Exchange®, Dean Evans & Asscociates EMS®, Newmarket® International's Delphi®, PeopleCube, College Net R25®, Google Calendar, NetSimplicity's Meeting Room Manager, EmergingSoft's MeetingPlanner
Image Resolution:  Any
Remote Connections:  Ethernet Required
OS: Windows XP/Server2003 (Vista & 7 support coming soon)
HDD Requirements: 30 MB

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EZ-Stream Software
EZ-Stream Software

An all in one template design, database connection, & automation software application.

  • Design...
  • Integration...
  • Automation...


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